Saints & Sinners Ball – March 2010

The Saints & Sinners Ball is Melbourne’s premier adult party; which attracts broadminded adults, exhibitionists, and people looking for adult fun in comfortable and safe surroundings. Guests are mostly adventurous couples adding spice and excitement to their relationships. It is held four times a year, with each ball having its own unique dress theme.

Dress Theme: “S” Party!

In keeping with our desire to give you lots of costume options, we’ve decided to call it the ‘S’ Party. Quite simply, this means that we’d like you to come along dressed as something starting with the letter ‘S’. There are hordes of possibilities. For a start, you could be a Saint or a Sinner, a sadist, a sailor, a slave, a stripper or a slut (that one’s not a big stretch for some of you!)

LIMITED NUMBERS… avoid disappointment and book tickets early…