Kittens (Caulfield)

Kittens Caulfield is a boutique style venue with an up close and personal approach, it has provided pure entertainment for its members and the general public for over 6 years, boasting the finest looking and most approachable ladies in town Kittens has secured its trade mark as one of quality with a party atmosphere, it has evolved with the most essential ingredients for a great night “fun” from the tall “stud Jason” who sets the bar ablaze at any given time with synchronized fire works (well sparklers), to the gorgeous dancers that get up on the bar and put it right in your face, Kittens is unique, size ratio to size ratio it leaves the other clubs in kitty litter, wining the best gentlemen’s club in Australia at the Adult Industry Awards, Kittens unique style enjoys the regular attendance of many patrons, a combination of great music, sexy sexy girls “who just want to have fun” has certainly given Kittens 9 lives.

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